Our goal at United Xtreme Martial Arts is to provide high quality training for children, teens and adults. All of our programs are designed to build confidence, respect and discipline in our students to help them reach their maximum potential. We teach students to build a healthy balance between mind and body though our training programs. Ultimately, we strive to help each student succeed in every aspect of life, including school, home and work. We have been leading in teaching Tae Kwon Do since 2004 through out the New York and New Jersey area. We encourage a positive learning environment to help students and families make the most of their experience at United Xtreme Martial Arts. All of our instructors and Masters are certified by Kukkiwon (World TaeKwonDo Federation) and have experience through out various levels of championships. They are highly trained in working with students of all ages, and strive to promote the spirit of learning martial arts. At United Xtreme Martial Arts, we are committed to teaching discipline, confidence, and respect through the practices of Tae Kwon Do. All classes are thought with perfect balance of fun and discipline, which maximizes the students learning experience.